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What is Cost Per Engagement (CPE) Marketing?
What is Cost Per Engagement (CPE) Marketing?

A small explanation of what CPE marketing is for those who are new to it!

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Simply put, cost per engagement (or CPE) advertising is a type of marketing in which advertisers only pay when users engage with their campaigns. That means initial impressions are free, but once a user engages in some way, the advertiser incurs a cost. In this pricing model, marketing teams can be sure they’re getting something in return for their ad spend. 

A demonstration of this has been illustrated below:

  1.  A user visits your unique URL created with our app and it shown a page with the offer on like this: 

2. Once a user has installed the app, they will have to open and interact with the app for you to get what we call a conversion. 

Please see below:

3. This will show up on your overview page which is the first screen you see when you login to the stacks app. Below you will see 1 click and the payout for a user interacting with the app once downloaded

4. Each offer will be a different payout but you can see how how this can all add up and bank some serious money! What are you waiting for.... get earning them stacks ;)

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