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Do's and Dont's on the Stacks app
Do's and Dont's on the Stacks app

This is an article outlining the rules for promoting our offers

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Rule 1:
All users must include on their post/caption/link page (before linking to our offer) any of the following words or phrasing; #ad, #sponsored, #advertisement, “sponsored links below”.

Rule 2:
Claims in ads must be truthful, not misleading and be capable of substantiation - in other words, they must be able to be supported with fact. For instance, do not say that a user can receive money instantly for any of the survey offers. Please see Rule 3 for further examples.

Rule 3:
Do NOT use any of the following words in your posts, stories, captions, or bio info:
Win, Winner, Won, Giveaway, Give Away, Gift.

*All users found using these words will not be paid. If the App you are promoting is Free then you can use the word Free. Do not use the word Free for any of the survey offers as this is not permitted.

Rule 4:
For any of the offers that are NOT free for users (i.e. $750 cash app gift card or $750 Shein gift card), add a disclosure that paid participation is required. Examples: “paid participation required”, “paid involvement required”, “complete paid offers”.

Rule 5:
Do NOT persuade users to download apps or complete offers in exchange for a product/service or any other incentive. This is called incentive traffic and is not permitted. An example would be “Complete this offer and you will get $1000 instantly in your PayPal account” or “Download this App and DM me for a follow

Rule 6:
Do not use adult material to promote our offers and/or apps. You will be instantly banned from the network and suspended from any campaigns you're currently on.

Rule 7:
Please do not post a campaign video on any of your social media without the approval from one of the Stacks Managers. We do monitor this, and repeated violations will lead to being banned.

Rule 8:
Avoid fraudulent activity. Downloading apps and filling out offers by yourself to pretend you have users is always considered ad fraud and will result in an instant ban with zero pay.

Rule 9:
Refrain from political content. Please do not get political in your ads at any point, as we do not tolerate it. Doing so will result in an instant Ban regardless of what your political beliefs are.

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